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I bought a pair of Warn W650F 6.5-inch round fog lights with wireless control for my Sahara.

I got them because:

1. They cost $120 less than the comparable PIAA 520 6.5-inch Ion Plasma fogs on my Rubicon
2. The wireless control sounds like an easier install
3. The assurance of the Warn name

W = wireless
650 = 6.5 inches
F = fog beam pattern


Initial impressions - from the moment I opened the box and held one of the lamps in my hand I was able to feel the cost cutting. The Warn lights feel lightweight, plasticky and unsubstantial, especially against comparable PIAAs.

Installation - installing the lights wasn't any harder it easier than other lights.

Wireless Control - I have to admit that the idea of wireless fog lights sounded appealing and an obvious benefit that had been missing in the market. However, its actual use is far from it: after having to deal with an on-off button that is too sensitive, and constantly fumbling around inside the Jeep looking for the remote, I can't say a wireless remote offers any advantages over a light switch which you always know where to find, and quickly tell whether it is on or off. The wireless remote itself has no on/off indicator, and the featherlight switch will turn the lights on even by placing a napkin over the remote.

Lighting - the lights themselves are weak. I just drove 2,400 miles in conditions ranging from winter to extreme winter, including dense fog and heavy snow: it made no difference whether the Warn fogs were on or off. In fact, I was rarely able to tell either way unless I saw yellow reflecting on the vehicle straight ahead.

Sorry, but I cannot recommend these Warn lights.

The Warn fogs look good on my Sahara but they make NO difference whet here they are on or off

I may end up biting the bullet and swapping them for a pair of PIAA 520 Ion Plasma fogs. I've use those for years and they simply rock.

The PIAA 520 Ion Plasma fogs on my Rubicon rock!

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