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tools needed hacksaw or any kind of saw. duct tape or glue. a knife. and a flat head screwdriver.

1.Take ur saw and cut all the way around the remote follow the lines on it. I put mine in a vise grip.

2.After u cut all the way around it take a flat had screw drew driver and pry it apart. u will find a piece of lead or something like that and a little black box.

3.Carefully take ur knife and pop the tabs that hold it together u will see what i mean. make sure not to loose any springs or the 2 pieces of plastic with roller on the bottom.

4. There will be 2 pieces of metal with tiny bumps on the bottom. take them out if there not already out on the bottom of these bumps u will notice a little bit of black stuff. scrape that clean with ur knife.

5.Down inside of it were the bumps hit the other pieces of metal scrape the black stuff of them.

6. carefully put the remote back together. I left the piece of lead out. and wrap the remote with ductape or glue it back together.

This may sound difficult but is not its super easy. At first my remote would only work half the time then today it quit working completley while i was out i had to wrap the cable around my stinger lol. i came home and did the steps above. I couldnt believe i actually fixed it. hopefully this will help people out that dont want to buy another remote.
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