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Warn XD9000i Winch Cover

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Thought I would ask whether anyone here with an XD9000i Winch has purchased the Warn 34035 Hard Cover.

All descriptions I read, state that this hard cover is for the winch; however, fits the winch when mounted on the Trans4mer system only... So, I called Warn and they said that it may not fit on the winch mounted to my Smittybuilt XRC Rock Crawler Winch Bumper or that I may need to do some trimming to make it work. I just wanted to see if anyone is using this cover with that winch on their rigs. Please let me know (with pics), if possible!

That, or if anyone has a cover to recommend, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Ive not heard great things about the neoprene covers and have seen the warn (no pun intended) out, cracking covers on my families rigs.

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i also read somewhere that it will only fit this winch mounted on a YJ without trimming it. i'm guessing because the sway bar being on top of the frame horns instead of below like the YJs will create a clearance issue. but my winch is mounted to a smitty raised plate.

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