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Warn Zeon 12 in a Smittybilt Atlas, LOD full width, or Quadratec Tactik bumper?

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Does anyone know if any of these three will fit a Warn Zeon 12 winch?
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I have the the LOD midwidth with a warn zeon 10 and it fits perfect you just have to tell lod that you have a zeon winch as the placement of the fairlead is different from normal warn winches.
I love my lod. Forgot to say it my last post. That I got in a fender bender on my way home from work today. I accidentally bumped it to a Honda fit at a stop sign. I thought she was merging with traffic and was gonna go right behind her and she stop and I bumped her. Broke her taillight and dented her hatch and bumper. The bumper was fine besides some powder coating scratched off.
I actually have an LOD full width currently. I hit a full size buck in December going 60 mph and the damn thing bent the internal brackets on the bumper and caused it to rotate inward and contacted the grille. The brackets aren't designed well, imo, and should have been stiffened. I am looking at cutting the brackets out and fabbing up some new ones out of 0.25 plate. The other option is to get a new bumper. I want a new winch also since my Engo went TU also. I decided I'm not skimping on the winch again, the Engo quit with little use.
I forgot to mention when the insurance adjuster called LOD, they rold him their bumpers don't bend, lol.


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Since I didn't order the LOD with the Zeon in mind years ago, I guess it won't work with my bumper as is.
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