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I've recently aquired a shipment of Warrior class 3 fixed tow bars. They are powdercoated black, square heavy-walled steel tubing, and also include the installation hardware/bumper brackets. These are all perfect brand-new factory units, with no defects/imperfections. They can be found at I am asking $80 each + shipping to your area. I have searched the net, and found these to sell nowhere under $150. I am shipping from Ottawa, IL, so if you're close enough you can also arrange for a pickup.

I measured the required bumper mounting width to be approximately 35". They fit (and are designed for) any Jeep bumper, as well as any similar flat-style front bumper. If you have any questions, or would like me to snap any actual photos, email me at: [email protected], or you can give my cell a call at 815-488-7504.

Thanks a lot,


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