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Searched the forum for a solution for waterproofing an amplifier/subwoofer and came up empty. Living in FL (and pretty much refusing to cruise with top up) has me in a conundrum: I want a touch more bass, but it rains a lot here. Amps + sub + water = disaster (we all know this). And my rig is NOT clean/sterile inside. I take it to the beach, fishing, etc. and hose out the tub once a year or so. You'll find sand, leaves, fishing lures, etc. all over the tub - there might be buried treasure in there for all I know (PS - If you haven't scrapped the carpets and Rhinolined the tub yet, I encourage you to liberate yourself but that's another thread). Already have Alpine head unit, new polypropylene cone speakers in dash/bar, etc.

So anyway, I want a bit more bass in there but don't want a floor-mounted amp to prevent rainwater from ruining everything. I also don't need to be heard from two miles away either - just a little punch on the low frequencies. I suppose the console with integrated sub is an option, but wanted to see if anyone has come up with something that fixes this problem? Ideas?

Is there any such thing as waterproof amps or subs? Thanks!
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