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I finally have my weber 32/26 installed and also the nutter bypass. timing set 8- 9deg at idle. Jeep idles great and i can bop throttle lever on carb and rev with no issues what so ever.

basic driving is good, but once to around 30-40 and try to load the pedal it will fall on face for second and pop like backfiring sound.... if i gradually go into pedal i can get around the stumble and pops.,..... but, that doesn't seem right. whole point of this swap was to have a better running jeep then with the carter.

any ideas?

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Sounds like a lean miss.

What altitude are you at?
What jets are you running?
Was the carb new, or used?

Also, can you add a sig line with your jeep info? I have to assume 4.2L, but the other stuff helps, (and any non-stock weirdness)
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