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The weather here has been fantastic for the past 7 days, so I took my hard top off.

As it turns out, my wife is weaker than I anticipated, and she didn't feel comfortable assisting me in lifting off the hard top. After some engineering with tie down straps and my garage door frame, I got the hard top off, and have thoroughly enjoyed being topless this week. Totally worth the effort.

We're supposed to get showers tomorrow, so I figured I'd put the soft top that I negotiated in with my pre-owned purchase on the vehicle for the first time.

I got the door surrounds on, throw the soft top on and go to bolt down the bow brackets only to discover that, yep, the dealer gave me a soft top with the older 07-13 style brackets.:rant: I don't have enough room in my garage to fully pull my Wrangler inside, which means I've got to get a top on this thing before the rain comes. So off comes all the soft top hardware, and I back the Jeep into the garage to lower the hard top on to it. This is when I discovered that ratcheting tie-down straps don't exactly lower very well. So that was fun.

3 hours after starting the soft top install, I completed installing the hard top -- without damaging it! All in all, a learning experience. Still glad I took the top off though -- going topless was wonderful.

So, word to the wise: if you get a new-to-you soft top, verify that it has the correct bow brackets prior to trying to install it.
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