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Were can I Get a cheap Lift.

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Hey does anybody know of a way to get a cheap lift, that is a good one and can last me a long time.
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All I can say is, you get what you pay for. How much of a lift do you want? Rough Country sells their 4" lift for around $500.00. The only thing you will need to buy extra, are the longer shocks, and a heavy duty steering stabilizer.
Cheap and lift don't work in the same sentence!
Is that something you really want to cut corners on?
I have a Rough Country 4" x-series lift. It cost about $1000 with everything. I really enjoy it and think it rides great, both on and offroad. There is a good write up on in at After reading that, I gave it a try and its very nice. I don't do anything hardcore, so maybe thats why it fits for me
I agree with dos and amerijeep. Dont sacrafice price for drivability and performance. You'll definitely regret it, and want to upgrade at some point as well - do it right the first time.
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