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I have an appt. to get an alignment done tomorrow morning.

My Jeep is a 16' JKU Rubi on 35" tires and the MC True Duel Rate lift, which gave me a little over 3.25" of lift.

A few months back I decided to put on Rancho Geo brackets while keeping my upper/lower adjustable arms. Yes this can be done, however this made my caster at 5 degrees. My steering wheel was easier to return to center after I did this, but had way more vibrations at highway speeds. So I removed the Rancho Geo brackets and put the arms back to old settings, or as close as I could get. Took it for a test drive on highway and the vibrations are gone.

Looking back to my old alignments I have been anywhere from 4 degrees all the way up to 5 degrees. I think I am going to have the tech set things as close to 4.5 degrees as possible.

Anyone have any preferences on what to set the Caster/Toe back to?

Attached is my current setup, and 2 previous ones.



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