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What are good quiet street tires

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My lady is not digging the road noise on her 4 door as her tires wear , its currently sitting on cooper sst plus 37's. To me they are super quiet for a mud tire, but she doesn't seem to think turning up the radio is a good fix. Wondering if anyone has recomendations in something around 37 inch in a street tire*that rides quiet. Her jeep rarely leaves the pavement and for the limited trips it takes to the off road parks can swap back on mud tires, so a true street tire would be ideal. She's got got a dana 60*up front 44 in the rear and is lifted about 5-6 inches. ideally a 37 by 10.5 pizza cutter would be awesome or anything close to that size.
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BF Goodrich KO2s, Cooper ST Maxx

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I didn't have 37s, but I did have 33" Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ...they look super aggressive on the sidewalks and noise was not a problem at all.

Currently have Ginell 35s and love them...relatively inexpensive too! Noise not an issue.
Another vote for the KO2, or just buy another vehicle for daily use.

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Rotate tires every 3000 miles to prevent cupping will keep the noise down a lot.
The K02's will be my next tire set.. My brother has them and they don't get noisy after milage like most All Terrain Tires do. My Goodyear Duratecs were nice but after 15K miles they are NOISY..
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Any all terrain tire will do, Muds will be noisy, pick whatever fits the eyes/wallet.
I'd suggest Nitto Terra Grapplers or Toyo Open Country AT's.
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A louder stereo
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Love my Michelin Defender LTX M/S
Looking around briefly, your best (perhaps, only) bets for quiet street tire are:

Cooper Discoverer A/T3
Cooper Discoverer ATP
Yokohama Geolander A/T-S (old one)

All are 37x12.5x17. These won't run mud well, but they should run hardpack, gravel, and sand just fine.

37s are REALLY limiting you here. There is next to no market demand for a street 37, unless you get 22.5" RV wheels.
I just bought a set of these, and am beyond happy with them. They are a slightly less aggressive Duratrac, which essentially means that they are a superb, quiet street tire that are duly capable of mild off-roading. Can't recommend them enough.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. will check them all out.
I agree a little heavy on the radio fixes it for me., curious how the 22.5's would ride on a JKU vs a motor home
You could go for a quiet set of MTs. I have 37" Cooper STT Pros and they are very quiet for a mud terrain tire.
We ran Cooper AT3 on my husbands last truck. They were very quiet and a great overall tire. I also ran the Kumho Road Ventures on my last TJ and they were pretty amazing tires, but I am unsure if they come in that size. I currently run BFG ATs on my JKU, very quiet tires!
3 choices in AT in my humble opinion.

Cooper AT3
Nitto Ridge Grappler - my favorite.

All are very quiet with the AT3 being almost like a highway tire. But it doesn't really "look" like a Jeep tire, but it is an excellent tire.

As for an MT, I'd say Cooper STT Pro.
Just got a Big Bear with the BFG KO2s. They are very quiet so far; especially on the highway. Much quieter than the Duratracs I had on my last JK.

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