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What guage would be a smart addition?

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Hello all i ordered a guage pod for my tj

it goes on the a pillar and will hold two guages one will be my air pressure guage for my OBA system :punk: ... if i had an auto i would probably put a tranny temp guage ... but since i dont im kind of lost as to what else to add

my top guess would be digital battery voltage guage (for more accurate battery info while winching)

but i dont really know if thats nessesary

and yes i know they make a little clock that will fit ... no i do not want it ... due to the fact i can add a guage for the same price as the clock ..... ri would ather have a duplicate of a factory guage then a clock that i will never use

so my Q is what would you fill that hole with? if it was your jeep
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Not really a "gauge" but... what about a compass?

Maybe a digital compass that also does outside temp or... Hell I'm sure there's some gadget you'll come across to stick in there.

The factory temp, voltage, and oil pressure gauges seem to be adequate unless you wanted a more precise reading.
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