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What is next for Jeep?

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ok i want to get my jeep up to a good offroad vehicle, not necessarily a rock crawler but a good offroad vehicle here is what i got

05 lj
33" hercules trail diggers
5" lift
lock rite in the front
RE control arms
and am getting 5100 bilstein shocks
it has rear 44 and front 30

so what is next and what order, here are some things i am considering

upgraded cage, re gear and rear locker, cb, what else and what order. Thanks.
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One of the first mods on my lj was a tummy tuck, I would highly recommend it, followed by a front locker. Both are tremendous upgrades over stock.
i have the lock rite locker in the front, but yes sye is on my list as well.
id probably go with gears and the cb first.
id probably go with gears and the cb first.
Gears will depend on what you already have (3:73 I'm guessing) and what transmision?

With the 5 speed tranny, 4:56 is what is recommended. If you are thinking locker for the rear, doing the regear at the same time will save you money.

Another great upgrade is the Currie Anti-Rock swaybar.
Tummy tuck so you don't get hung up on stuff. Then gears.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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