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what is this?

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i had a vaccum leak on my jeep. i pulled the hose off and it crumbled. its a hard plastic hose that runs from the valve cover to the throttle body. my engine is a 2.5 4 banger. i cant find the name of the part anywhere or were to get it. if you know the name of the part let me know and also where i can get one i would appreciate it. thanks.
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Good luck finding these hoses, if the dealer has them that is your best bet, but it will probably not be cheap. Your typical auto store will not carry exact replacements like that. If you are not concerned about having and exact replacement, any good quality vacuum hose of similar diamter will work.

Thats just the crank case vent, not crucial, I think it's just for polution controll that it goes back into the tb. Mine falls off all the time. Like CristicalYJ said......just find some hose or tube that fits.
i thought i could plug off the vaccum ports but if i plug the port on the tb the jeep bogs down and die. that why i was looking for the replacement part. thanks for the help.
isnt that like an E.G.R--exhaust/gas/return line? it should hook up to a e.g.r valve,e.g.r celinoid,then to the intake.
no this line is not that one. this one runs from the valve cover to tb.
i finally found a way to replace the line. when the vaccum line was off the engine ran great. i replace the line and the engine ran like crap again. i cuts out during acceleration and when cruising. i notice that when you disconnect the end that is connected to the valve cover the engine runs fine again. my question is, is there some way of cleaning this porton the valve cover or do i have to pull the valve cover to make sure i get the good vaccum?
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