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you can get a complete 4" rough country lift for about $ can clear some 35's with the 4" lift although you might hit at full flex...edit-nevermind you have the 3" body might need a sye and cv driveshaft. you might get vibes or you might not. Jerry on here says that whether you get vibes or not you should get one at 4 inches because if your on the trail and flexing the driveshaft is so short that it could actually slip out of the tcase or jam in the tcase and bend or crack it.

you can get black wheels for less than $50 a piece. some are around $40 a piece. if your gonna run a 12.50" wide tire then you can run a 8" wide wheel or a 10" which will make the tires stick out more...any wider than a 12.50" wide tire and you should probably go to a 10" wide wheel...if you go wider than 12.50 then a 8" wide wheel is gonna be over 4 inches difference than the width of the tire so its best to go up to a 10" wide wheel or at least a 9" wide wheel when you go wider than 12.50"

and i run bfg muds and like them a lot although they are expensive...i've heard some good things about the durango mud terrains and they are pretty cheap
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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