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What Shocks

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Its time to put shocks on.:dance: Im doing some research with your help, so I can make an informed decision.:hide:I have a 1989YJ 2.5L TBI 5spd. 4" susp. lift and 2" body lift. This is how it was set up when I bought it.Dont know what susp. lift is in it. My wife and I do not go rock crawling or mudding(unless its the only way out).We like to explore old logging roads here in New Hampshire & Maine. So thats the extent of our offroad needs. No need for enormus flex capability.:banghead: I would prefer a decent ride going down the highway, as apposed to giant flex capability offroad. With all this in mind, I would appreciate all suggestions you may offer. Thank You in advance for taking your time to help. :popcorn:
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89Quest some heavy reading here but it will help you with your selection of shocks for the 89.

Everything you need to know about how Shocks work and why you need them...... -
:dance:Hey Guys I hoped more of you would share your experience, I know Im not looking for 30" of flex, but you guys that know about this stuff have the experience and knowlege that would be very useful in my selection. Thank you jokerchief, It will take 2 -3 reads, to understand, but its excellent info. Lighter note: My family is still taking bets as to when my brain will explode trying to take all this Jeep information in!!!:rofl:
Ha ha! Better take your ginkgo biloba!

I would go with Bilstein's. They are a little spendy, but in my opinion they are one of the best shocks on the market. They offer excellent ride quality, great warranty and last forever.

Hope this helps!
I have BDS on my YJ. They seem to be good and not too rough. On my TJ I have Old Man Emu...Fantastic ride for me (actually a little on the soft side). The problem is that comparing a YJ to a TJ is like comparing apples to elephants.
OMEs are a damn nice shock for the driving style you describe. I'd also look into profender
I Thank all of you for your suggestions, I have been reading alot in the search forum. I had no idea their was so much to these shocks, Im still looking. There isn't any better recomendation than the people who use them.
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