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I noticed the other day my Jeep looks like its sagging in the front as I measured nearly 2" more wheel gap in the back (my rear tires are newer too so call it about 1.5")

This jeep was recently bought and it also has an aftermarket trailer hitch on the back so I thought did he raise the rear or is the front sagging. The jeep other than that is completely stock and I see no modifications and think the shocks and springs are all original to the Jeep the shocks are mopar and the springs look kinda old. Its an 04 wrangler sport 4.0L automatic with just under 115k miles.

Anyway anyone with a stock tj (mine has 30x9.5x15 tires) know what the stock wheel gap is roughly so I can see what's too high or too low?

Also I want to raise the Jeep between 1" and 2" but keep the stock shocks. I know they sell springs 2" longer but I want a little less to just put on 31x10.5x15 tires.should I just replace the front springs if they're worn out and replace isolaters with spacers?


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