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What would you have done? BEST MODS

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Hey everyone! I am new to the jeep community, I just purchased my 2000 Jeep Wrangler about a month ago, and just took it to the OHV park. I'm in love. It's a 4.0L sport I6, everything is completely bone stock. I'm looking to start upgrading and modding. My question is this: what are your "editors choice" mods? If you could go back and re do something what would you have done or used? Also, how do I start getting into group rides? I'm in California but I know there are group rides here.

Basically I'm looking for a starter guide haha. I don't want to be a dummy and lift it half a foot immediately. I need to start with the base and work up. Also if you have a particular area of expertise, can you go in depth into brand/variances/money savers/etc etc
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Check out WF local. Updates in all kinds of outings and people looking to go out. I'm in Oside So hope to see ya out there.
My favorite mods:

1" Daystar bodylift (w/body mounts)
Viair On board air
Metal Cloak control arms
I just installed Metalcloak CA's front and rear. Easy to install and great on road ride. Have not wheeled them yet, but from other forum posters they should be great also.
X3 on MC CA's....also anti-rock....ummm...lockers....geeez this list could get long...
The list might be shorter of "what not to do" No Body lifts bigger than 1.25", No PlastiDip, and No Suspension Lifts made in China.

The list might be shorter of "what not to do" No Body lifts bigger than 1.25", No PlastiDip, and No Suspension Lifts made in China. :beerdrinking:
: ) why so hard on plastidip
: ) why so hard on plastidip
Because people tend to go crazy with it and in a matter of time, then find out it's temporary and have a mess on their hands to peal off.
#1 research and doing it right, #2 proper gearing, #3 tummy tuck along with Currie arms all around, #4 lift and tires.

do it right, do it once. best advise I can give.
My recommendation would be to be patient, find a set of used 30" all terrain or mud terrain tires, (biggest you can go for now) tires are the first upgrade bar none that you need if you are going off road. Drive it like this for as long as you can wait, in the mean time learn the fine capabilities of YOUR stock Jeep with decent off road tires, learn how to drive off road, learn the general rules, recovery methods, how to do maintenance, buy a manual, read it on the crapper, know the sounds and what to look for when things are wearing out, and do research of everything you plan on upgrading. You'll find that some of the modifications you could quite easily do yourself. Basically learn as much as you can so you make the best decisions and no regrets.
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