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whats inside my diff!?

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Well i posted before about my rear end and you guys told me to post pics of the inside well I got a chance to take it off and take pictures so here it is. its a ford 8.8 and now that i have the cover off how do check my gear ratio? thank you in advance! let me know if you need anymore pictures


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Count the teeth on the ring gear then google, should be able to tell you
How about lockers or LS?
simple open diff. ABS ring on the far left of the picture on the ring gear. Spider gears visible is why i say open.
That's an open differential
You need to count the teeth on the ring and pinion gear. Then divide the ring by the pinion. Were you planning on pulling the carrier out.
Why not just do the driveshaft/wheel turn check. I am not familiar with the 8.8 internals but I don't see a locker.
Sweet thanks would you guys happen to know how many quarts for oil?
Its an open diff. If it had a ls it would have that pain in the ass s-spring between the spider gears.
Ill be posting a picture of my front diff soon so if you guys could help with that it would be great!
My front diff, and open diff correct?


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Yes open diff there.
figured, why does it feel like I have a locker when its engaged in 4hi or 4lo
I use 3 qts. full syn 75 140 I believe Im not sure that the open requires syn. As you spin your ring gear over it should be printed on the ring tone side of it ( your ratio that is).
jeepgarza said:
figured, why does it feel like I have a locker when its engaged in 4hi or 4lo
Cause your 4 wheel drive system isn't meant for dry street usage.
The 8.8 should have the gear ratio stamped on the ring gear.
Thanks guys. I just find it awkward how it feels that way when my previous jeeps didn't. Thanks again though
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