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what's some good differential protection?

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I've been on the market for some good underbody protection and started working on my axles/ differentials. I've been looking at these Four X Doctors CJ44 - Four X Doctor Diff Guard for Dana 44 Axle & Dana 44 Rubicon Axle - Quadratec because of the price mainly, but I feel like all the other cheap jeep parts, the will fail quickly.

Have any of yall had any experience with these, or can point me in the right direction?
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I installed that same exact differential guard years ago and discovered it's not as strong as it looks. I'd spend a little more to get something like the T&J differential guard that is well made and will do a good job at protecting the differential. Dana 44 Heavy Duty Differential Covers [BP-DT044] - $114.00 : T and J Performance Center | 714-633-0991 | 1002 W. Collins Ave, Orange, CA, 92867, T&J Performance Center | Bring It....

Their front D30 cover is especially good because its upper half doesn't interfere with the drag link or tie rod like other covers can.

Here's a pic that better shows how they reinforce the lower half of the cover, it's much stronger than the 4XDoctor design.


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