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whats under the interior fuse box?

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I just bought a 93 yj, interior fuse box has a white plug (female) attached underneath it, just guessing it a diagnostic plug, then while cleaning out the console I found a lil' black 7-8 prong relay looking thing. anyone know what these are?
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Its live and it it shown in the chilton repair book but it doesnt say what it is. the lady I just bought this from said the cd player didnt work so I found the hot wire from it just hanging there under the dash and for some stupid reason I plugged it in to that plug and the cd player worked temporarily, then tried to start the jeep and...... nothing. It turns over but wont start. I have another computer coming on thursday so hopefully thats all it was. Got power to the coil but nothing coming out of it. Auto shop checked the coil and said it works fine, so.. Im pretty sure I somehow fried the comp. by whatever I did, hehehe.
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