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I’m trying to match my Discout Tire MB Razors for my trailer build. These were discontinued. I’d like identically sized wheels to avoid a variety of problems when I need to move things around. There are a several candidates with a similar apperance. The American Racing Baja, the G-FX TR-16, the Pro Comp 69, and the Ion Alloy 171. Any maybe the Outlaw Patrol.

The problem I am running into is finding a 17x8.5 (5x5). When I enter my area (Austin) the Discount Tire drops the 8.5 width option. The Discount Tire Direct has an 8.5 option but on both DT and DTD, when I try to search for a correctly sized black wheel, they both go into infinite loop mode. This makes it hard to find things like offset.

I’ve tried on my phone and my new ipad, no luck. I tried calling DT but did not make much progress.

Is there another recommended site that allows fairly specific search parameters?

I’ll keep hunting. Or if the DTD guy still checks in, I’d be happy to chat via pm.


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