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Hey All,

2010 2 door red rock crystal pearlcoat (so burgundy colored)JK manual 373 gears totally stock 83,000 miles on original sras on 17 in wheels. So yes tread is getting thin - could run em another year but likely iffy in snow and I do slide on wet pavement more than when they had more tread. No biggy but thinking better safe than sorry. I have never liked the stock wheels and so am thinking of changing them as well.

This jeep is my daily driver and aside from feeding it a quart of oil every 2 to 2.5 tanks of gas has been trouble free and runs well. It did throw the egr codes but since it runs well for 3 years I've ignored em until it acts like it runs too rich pausing and jerking - cel even went off of its own accord. Cels always make me wonder just who the idiot is but that's a different thread.

As you can tell 80+ percent of my driving is pavement or gravel so I don't want mts. I like tires that are quiet and I care more about snow and ice performance than mud. A snowflake would be great but at least m&s with some block and good siping. I use the same tires year around. As for height 32s or 33s that don't rub are fine. 10+ widths are fine. I like fuel economy and so want light wheel and tire combo and don't want to exceed weight carrying capacity of stock tire carrier. Anybody know what that capacity is?

I have to say I'm near cross-eyed from looking at wheels. My gawd are there a lot. I have to say I'm old school - kidney holes like cragars simple spokes even solid like the old white ones like you see on trailers now days (wrong colour though). If they look like they belong in a beehive or on a low rider in LA or a ricer in SF or have a bunch a chrome bling like one of Mr t's necklaces they are not for me. Wheels I've seen that I like are rugged ridge kidney holes, black rhino glamis and arsenal an a few others an I'm open to suggestions. Course black rhino site doesn't tell weights nor do many tire companies. Or they for example fuel at tires are they m&s or snowflake? Who knows or cares? Well state police do for example. Then of course opinions vary on rim width versus tire width. Why not disclose all info people need?

My gawd is this crazy or what. And it is not trivial dollars we are talking about. I'm looking for combo deals maybe like the glamis plus one of the tires listed in the link. Would like closer to 33 but a bit under 32 is survivable. RHINO-GLAMIS-BLACK FLAT.html

I live in Canada but all my family is us and so country is not much of an issue.

I guess this is mostly a rant but any comments or advice is appreciated.

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