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When to adjust gear ratio?

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I've had my 2011 rubicon for a little over a year. It is completely stock and when my lease is up, I plan to purchase it. In the meantime I am learning what I can do to my jeep once I own it.

I'm in NYC and the closest trails to my knowledge are pine barrens NJ. I read online that stock jeeps can safely drive around many of the trails there and plan on making some trips there soon.

My question is about lift and gear ratio. I understand that the rubicon is very off road capable right out of the box. Since I am only going to be running beginner to medium level trails and rocks at pine barrens,

I wanted to know the largest tire size WITHOUT having to adjust the gear ratio. From what I read, the off road capabilities of the rubicon are great on intermediate level trails, hills, rocks and mud.

I would like to get 35" or 37" tires. I would like some recommendations on tire width. I understand that I would need to get new bumpers and fenders to accommodate the larger tire size. As well as a different spare tire holder.

I should mention that this vehicle is my daily driving vehicle, about 30-35 miles per day in NYC suburbs, traffic and highways. We also get snow just about every year.

I am open to all suggestions and recommendations of all types. I have two years left on my lease and hope to learn a great deal before I start customizing my jeep.