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I’ve been reading threads recently on what a huge improvement packing Poly-Fil into your soundbar is for the sound quality of your sound system at an extremely low expense.

For starters I have very little interest in a quality sound system for my Jeep and at the age of 41 have never once in my life had any desire for a single aftermarket car audio component. So you know where I’m coming from.

I bought a $2.50 pillow at Wal-Mart opened it up and filled in around the sound bar mids and the tweeters. I also did the dash tweeters and before opening things up to do the dash mids, I took it for a spin. I gotta say, the sound is slightly more clear, a little more crisp but not worth the effort of the in dash mids. I’m happy with the result of a near effortless job at a $2.50 expense.

My 2017 gear shift selector has has obnoxious rattles from day one. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just one of those Jeep things. I finally decided to open up the console and see if I could find any hint of the cause. I couldn’t. Before I buttoned it back up I had an idea.

There are two gear shift lever boots. The one you see in the cabin and one directly beneath that. I popped up the lower boot and packed that thing with as much Poly-Fill as I could fit without it spilling out into the rest of the inner console. Then I took the the fabric pillow case and filled it with what looked to be the volume of the area beneath the console and closed it up. I used the pillow case so as not to have poly fibers getting into places it shouldn’t.

HOLY COW!!! All the noise coming from the gear shift area is nearly gone! For $2.50, BEST MOD EVER!
(I know I treated the symptom and not the illness)

Where else have you used Poly-Fil?
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