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Other than my new members forum post, this is my first post/thread on the site.

I live in Northwest Arkansas. My wife has a business thing in Phoenix in February of next year. It is a Saturday to Wednesday 5 day deal. She asked me to fly out with her and I politely declined. She then said we could drive out if I would go with. (she knows I love road trips) is just under 1200 miles one I figured two solid days out there. The point of my post is that after her meetings are over, I would like to know what there is that you guys would suggest we do between Phoenix and Arkansas in our Jeep. We have a 2013 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. I've never been west of Oklahoma City and am open to going our of our way to a degree on the trip back. Trip out should be almost all I-40. We are certainly not expert rock crawlers but have done some off roading. (though not yet in the Rubicon)

Anyway.....I'm not familiar with any of that part of the country. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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