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Which 2.5" lift kit is the best?

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just got a 93 YJ and have been looking into lifting it 2.5" and puting on 31" tires... Wow, so confusing on which brand of lift to go with. Any comments or input would be great.
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A good friend of mine had been building jeeps for years, and he suggested the Rubicon Express kit. They had the softest/smoothest springs at the time that I was doing my lift. I went with it and have been happy for the last 3 years with it. No sagging or bending and I've wheeled it on some good trails in these years. When it comes to quality suspension, I believe in the old saying "You get what you pay for..." I keep my autos for years, and was impressed by the quality of the kit I got. It all boils down to what you are comfortable with buying and research. I had the advantage of my friend, at his shop, to sample 4 different kits with leaf springs and get to set them out and see how well they flexed...the RE springs flexed the nicest and softest. The others, at that time, were Sky Jacker, Black Diamond (only because I liked the kit from them that I had on my 1972 CJ5), and Pro Comp. RE was the nicest, not the cheapest, but this is just what I have experienced with my mechanic friend and went with.
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Thanks.... just getting into this and it gets more and more confusing. I looked at as many photos as I could to see how they would look, and settled on a 2.5", then I saw a photo of a 4" lift with 31" tires, and it looked even better, thus, even more confused. I've been driving around town searching out YJ's to see how they look in person, but no luck so far finding any in that category
the best lifts are Rubicon express, BDS and old man emu. you will be happy with any of these. I have had the 2" BDS for about 5 years, great springs.
stay away from rough country, they are junk.
I have rough country 2.5" springs. They flex pretty damn good and have not given me any issues at all offroad. I will say that they are pretty rough on the street but honestly i think it's my cheapo shocks(rc low line shocks that casme with the kit) that are hurting my on road ride.

For the money I got what I wanted out of my springs. In my case I knew I was gonna change my setup at sometime so I did not want to spend a lot on this kit. I am very satisfied with them at this point.

I agree that spending more on the kit would have probably yielded better results as far as ride goes but in my case i will loose less money when i change my suspension and sell this kit.

I am preparing for a custom soa setup with and 8.8 rear and built d30 and some 36-37's.

If you buy the bds, re, ome kit's you won't be disapointed but may be disapointed later when and if you want more.
OME makes some very nice springs and I would personally get their light load versons that give you the softest spring rate. but for only 31 inch tires a 1 inch lift shackle form currie and a good set of shocks will work fine 2.
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