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which body lift?

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Looks like I'm going ot be adding a 1" body lift to clear the 32's I just put on. I've heard lots of good things about the Performance Accessories kit, and it's the least expensive one I've seen. But, my question is: would it be better to use a kit like the Daystar which replaces the stock mount, instead of one that stacks on top (like all the others)?
Or, doesn't it really matter?
Would be interested to know which BL you guys might be using and you opinions on it (including ease of installation).
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Best would be to replace your body mounts with aftermarket polyurethane bushings with an aluminum puck on top, then a body lift that has a FULL replacement of the body mount as part of the install (one where the bodybushings are made 1" longer entirely); next best would be spacing them out with AL pucks, then the plastic ones - which crack pretty easily under impact loads (I've split a few playing redneck golf in the backyard). I don't like body lifts - I'll leave it at that; I've destroyed my stock unlifted body bushings and body mounts in the tub before so I don't think it's on my plate. But if you're gonna do it - go with the full replacement poly's, or a stock replacement poly mount set with aluminum pucks; the stock rubber bushings pull out pretty easy when you use your rocker guards a lot, which only gets worse if you space things out.
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