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I am electrically no wiz but, willing to learn. I am installing an ARB compressor for both on board air and later to use with ARB lockers. Well, I am at a point that I don't want to make a mistake. A couple of questions.

I am wiring the switch and want to be sure that I get it right. The (RED-YEL) wire needs to be wired to a source that is 12 volts and a minimum of 8 amps. that is hot when the key is in the 'ACC' or 'ON' position.

The second connection that I need to make is to connect the (BLUE-WHITE) wire to what is being called the 'active illumination supply'. I presume that this connection is something that is going to light the switches as it would light the instrument panel indicator lights.

I do have a Haynes Repair Manual with the accompanying wiring diagrams in the back of the manual (p. 12-19 thru 12-66.

Please help.....


Ken V.
Mesquite, NV
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