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No this is not a political message. Sorry to disappoint....

So I've had my Jeep now for a week and a half and my driving style has changed. Obviously going from a car to a truck is by itself different, but I find myself looking for roads that I can turn down that others can't....and it's awesome.

For example, I stopped for gas last night. I've stopped at this particular gas station many times over the last few years. I used to just fill up, get in my car, turn left and go home. Well last night, something different happened. I pulled in with my Jeep, filled up, hopped back in and started to pull out and go home. But before I went left, I noticed something dark and shiny to the right. I would never have noticed this before in my car. But I noticed it now. It was an area that had some nice mud puddles. So I went for it and it felt good. It was also nice to get that damn tire shine off my tires that the dealer put on.

So long story short, my new driving motto is “why go left, when I can go right”.
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