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Why Jeep should have its own performance division - "Automotive News" article

Is there an American brand that could set up a division for high-performance and factory-made, very limited-production custom vehicles and charge enough to make it profitable?

Yes. And Jeep is it.

Cadillac no longer commands that kind of brand loyalty and passion, even though the current line of BMW-beating V-series cars are outstanding and could someday break through. Lincoln? Not a chance. Tarted-up Fords will never command any kind of enthusiastic following that will persuade buyers to pay a big premium. GMC? Nope.

Ford has a new performance outfit, but the scope is limited. Ford isn’t going to let customers walk into a dealership and select their own interior fabrics, exterior colors, trim and mechanical components for a Mustang or an F-150. And the new GT is a $400,000 exotic built to beat Ferrari.

But Jeep could.

The time is right for Fiat Chrysler to make Jeep more special, much like Mercedes-Benz has done with AMG, BMW with its M division, and more recently, JLR with its Special Vehicle Operations.

Jeep, in fact, needs a custom-vehicle division.

- Richard Truett, Technology and Engineering Reporter, Automotive News
read the rest here:

Why Jeep should have its own performance division

Just for FUN:

What would you name JEEP's custom vehicle division?
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