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Why would this happen?

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about 1000 miles ago i had my first oil change on my '12 Sahara. Yesterday I was doing a light forestry road with my gf, and on the way back I got the "OIL CHANGE REQUIRED" warning. At first I was pissed off, I figured they must have put too little oil, or forgot to tighten something (though there were no drips on my driveway )... No low oil pressure warning, and we for sure didn't come anywhere close to bottoming out all day, and only went through some light puddles. Checked the oil level and the little thing at the end of the dip cable was showing full and the oil looked fresh. Figured OOOHHH, they must have not reset it when they did the oil change... drove for a bit until we had a faint cellphone signal, enough to log into the forum and see how to reset the light. AWESOME! Before resetting it I start the jeep one more time to move it off the middle off the trail so some quads can get by. ENGINE LIGHT COMES ON! :eek: I sorta get the codes to flash, but only for a split second... there was definitely a code but it vanished coz i turned the key again (P6977 maybe?). Since I had just read on a forum topic that the oil change warning has nothing to do with mileage, I started to get worried that something is seriously wrong (though the car drove fine). :facepalm: So I do the oil change required reset, and that warning goes away. I do the code check again, now it shows blank. System monitor says everything is OK, but engine light is still on. I figured that's good, the check engine light should go away now after a few starts. Kept driving and the ECO light would not come on at any point, though the fuel consumption was showing normal. Later the same evening, the engine light went away and did not come back.

So while I'm glad that everything worked out, I can't understand what actually happened :banghead: i don't drive in dusty areas, living close to the Rocky Mountains the air is very clean, and my wheeling consists of mostly forestry roads on the weekends
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Probably just a bug in the system that had to work itself out, between the engine cycles and driving around it obviously cleared itself.

Sorry I cant comment further but if it acts up again contact the dealer so that if nothing else its a documented complaint. If you live near an autozone or advanced auto see if they can plug there scanner in to see if there are any saved codes.
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