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Will an 2000 xj pcm work on 2000 Tj and vice versa ?

My 2000 tj 4.0, 6cyl , manual transmission, jeep stalled , i changed everything even engine harness expect pcm

It would be bad pcm as the mechanic said

I am the second owner , the pervious owner had installed 2000 xj pcm part number 56041673AF ,

I have been looking for a replacement but it is no where to be found .

Original pcm by vin number is 56041655AE . I only found a new one and need to be programmed beside it is expensive ,400$.

My question is
which pcm by part number could work for me without changing the key ? Plug and play ?
Would a used and already programed pcm part number 56041652 work for me ? Plug and play ? I found one on ebay but i need to be sure before buying it .

The color of my key is brown , i am not sure whether its the original key or if pervious owner change it along with the xj pcm and i can not found out since i have no more contact with him

I live in middle east and local dealer wont service old jeeps any more .

Any advice ?

56041673 is for 2000xj auto
56041655 is for 2000tj manual , leaded
56041652 is for 2000tj manual , federal
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