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I have a project in the works to get some seat covers and install aftermarket seat heaters underneath. When I wire these up, I want to be on switched ignition power as to not leave them on by accident. I'm aware of the process of tapping into the M9 location in the fuse box but decided to go a different route. I have purchased this already from Quadratec and now I'm not too sure of my initial thought process so need some expert advise.

Quadratec® JK-APT2011 12 Volt Power Adapter for 99-17 Jeep® Wrangler TJ, JK, TJ Unlimited & Wrangler Unlimited JK | Quadratec

I am a little concerned because at first I didn't notice that this harness has a max load of 7 amps (or not to exceed 7 amps). I am planning on getting the waterproof Warm Seats heaters and it says that they draw 3 amps each. Now is that 3 amps per seat for a total of 6 or is that 3 amps per heating pad for a total of 12 amps?
The wire harness linked above has it's own 10 amp fuse and each seat heater also has a 10 amp fuse (which I don't think I need to install if the harness already has a fuse).

Has anyone used this harness to connect seat heaters? Does anyone know if this is safe to use to draw power for 2 seat heaters on high setting? Would there be any point in adding the 10amp fuses to each separate seat heater?
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