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Wind Flow

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hey guys,
for the newer jeeps (2012-up), where does the wind go in regards to the air filter? does the wind come through the little space under the hood, or is there a scoop that i'm not seeing? i was planning on buying the mopar cold air intake, but i just wanted to know where the air is coming through.
Thanks! :banghead:
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I could be wrong but I don't believe they use any sort of "wind" they just use vacuum to suck air in from around the good... If you do any sort of offroading or even gravel roads I wouldn't recommend doing a cold air intake.... They have their place but I don't believe a Jeep is it
Under the hood, in the engine bay, through the side of the fender. The best option I've been seeing for "CAI" may be a snorkel. Under hood temps are high everywhere.
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