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Window regulator

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Yippee with the freezing weather, I busted the window regulator or derailed the track. I lil redneck fix

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Started to try to see what is wrong. I took off the door panel to find that instead of a plastic sheet as in most other vehicles, but instead a hard plastic bulkhead. Yippee! So much for trying to get deeper into the issue while on work breaks.
The window regulator is mounted to the backside of the bulkhead by 2 screws for the rail and 3 for the gears that the handle mounts to. There is a clip the mounts to the window and it snaps into a "receiver", for lack of better word. All that happened is that the window clip broke. Called the dealer up and of course it not covered under "normal" wear and tear. Right now I am able to have the window sit in the receiver without the clip. Going up is not a problem. If the handle is cranked too fast, the window can stick and then slip down bypassing the receiver.

The bulkhead with the screws for the regulator (2 on the backside for the rail and 3 on the front side for the gears)

The regulator and window clip

the receiver of the regulator (white) and the window clip (yellow) engaged up close

BTW Industrial superglue or epoxy will not repair it to withstand clipping it onto the widow.

Luckily it is only the clip ($12 Quadratec and $20 probably at dealer) vs. the $154 for the regulator
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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