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Windshield brackets?

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Okay so here's the deal.

I've been meaning to mount lights on my windshield on my JK for a while now. My dad told me he had PIAA lights stowed up somewhere in our house up state. Comes home today and guess what he brings back...these ancient Pilot lights. (He's too proud to wear his glasses :whistling:) Only thing is, i already ordered PIAA light brackets, and its too late to cancel. I was wondering if these brackets are kind "universal" since all they do is attack to the windshield screws and have a hole for the light to attach to. I have no idea what model the Pilots are, but I'm pretty sure they are 5 inch fogs. Help?!

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I'm don't know if they will mount up or not but you wont like fogs mounted at the windshield. They will light up your hood. You need long range up top and fogs should go up front.
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