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Wiper delay problem

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I just bought my first Jeep the other day. 95, 2.5 with only 80k. Everything works great but now that we have started getting our rain here in WA I realized that the wiper delay does not work. Most of the time the wiper will not function at all in this setting. Occasionally it will but the delay will be irregular, 1 sec first wipe then 5 sec. the second wipe. Also when using the wiper in the continues setting it only has one speed, fast. What do you think is the problem here and how should I go about fixing it? Thanks for your help!

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Change the wiper switch in the steering column. Not too familiar with it mine is a base model nothing like that installed. Do you have a manual which tells how the thing works and how to remove and install? If so remove the steering wheel and replace. Just looked at Morris 4X4 and the switches in the steering column are $$$. Best I have, I did have a truck with that problem and actually was able to get it to work again by rapidly moving the switch back and forth and it reset itself but that was luck.
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