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I have a 2008 JK. I believe I am needing to replace my wiring harness on the engine that includes the cam position sensor, TPS and MAP. Where can I find one and is there a part number to reference? My googling has failed me in this quest.

I replaced the cam position sensor and the connector initially. For about a month I was doing fine and I thought I finally ended the dreaded red lightning bolt/P0340/ no start problem. Then I started to have a fail start every so often. quick key cycle and it would fire up. Like 5-10 key cycles.
When it got hot outside I started to get the P0340 and fail start. Key cycles did not help. A simple wiggle of the wiring harness and it would start. However it is becoming real inconvenient having to do this at work, picking my kids up after school, at the tire shop, church and when ever else this random event happens. And the hotter the days, the more often it happens. I can imagine the rest of the harness can only be as brittle as the leads to the cam sensor was. My assumption is there is another part of the harness that responds negatively to the hot engine bay.

Any help/ direction is appreciated.

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