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Hello all, i am new to the forum and from lancashire in the uk.

I havnt had my jeep long and while driving it one night, i knew what the first upgrade needs to be. The headlights! I have bought a new set with the DRL and indicator built in.

When it come to installing them i have the head lights in and working, but i habe a red and a green wire on the new wiring form the lights that i dont know what to put where. The red one does my DRL and the green does the indicator. I have been watching and reading on the internet how to install them but when i took the grill off my jeep its diffrent to what i saw on the internet. where on the internet everone has three wires going into the front indicator, and they use both white wires i only have two, a black and a white and green wire. i cant find any other way how these have been wired. can anybody help??

Thanks Matt
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