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Who ever says they are done with mods is not being truthful to themselves (and probably their wife lol).
I’ve got some major overlanding plans for 2020 and have a list of things I need to add to my JLUR.

First is my fridge/freezer. This will be a 52L from Chillimoose. A great company up here in Canada with a great group of people.

I’m also building a drawer system for the back of the jeep that will have a slide for the stove.

Next I’m going to need to take my RTT off the trailer and put it on the jeep. So my next purchase will be the Rhino Rack Pioneer deck with the Backbone system. I’m excited about this as it will offer so much more capability for our family camping trips with the trailer as well. Anyone know if they ever have Boxing Day specials?

I also want to add the new Rugged Ridge hi/low snorkel. Not a need, it’s a want! I’ve been waiting for this for a while and I see they are doing pre-orders in January. A snorkel is the reason I don’t want the Gobi roof rack.

The last major issue for me to figure out is additional fuel. I’ve looked at the Trail Trekker 2 fuel tank but I’m concerned about the weight on the tailgate. I would love to go with the rugged ridge tailgate reinforcement but it’s not going to be in the Budget for 2020. So I guess I’m looking at some Rotopax or regular fuel cans going on the roof in front of the RTT.

Exciting times coming in 2020 -Moab Trip will be the main event

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