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Hi All:

I'm a newb here, but in desperate need of a 4x4 / 4WD specialist.

The Situation:
My 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport has been collecting dust in my garage for over 6 months (probably closer to a year.)

Naturally, I thought it would be the battery.

Then I called Roadside Service, they charged the battery and they couldn't get the engine to turn over, despite it having a charge.

They told me I'd need to have it towed to the nearest garage. Of course, I don't trust just *any* garage to handle my Jeep.

The Roadside service also said that the shop should focus on either

a) the carburetor


b) the alternator

Later I was told, 2001 Jeeps don't have carburetors and the alternator has nothing to do with the engine cranking.

Either way, I'll still have to tow it, which is why I was trying to find a specialty shop in the area.

I've been doing my research via Upstate New York (WNY) Jeep forums to no avail.

I'm having difficulty finding a specialty shop that still is open. (Most seemed to have closed down.)

Obviously, I'm looking for a place that *LOVES* Jeeps and won't rip me off in the process of tuning up my ride.

The Jeep is starting to rust, so I'd also like to get a new paint job.

So far I've found the following locations:

Quad 4 Wheel Drive Inc. | 505 A Erie | Lancaster, New York
(716) 684-1902
[email protected]
Quad 4 Wheel Drive Automotive Repair } Western New York

Ryan at West Collision in Hamburg
West Competition & Collision
4255 Clark St
Hamburg, NY 14075
(716) 648-3525

United 4 Wheel Drive Off Road Center [**Closed?**]
10187 Main St
Clarence, NY 14031
(716) 759-7420

Eric Schaefer
Total Performance and Service
42 W. Genesee st.
Lockport, NY 14094

6099 Robinson Road
Lockport , NY 14094
Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Saturday 8-12

[email protected]
Niagara Performance : Diesel Performance, Lift Kits, GPS, K&N Filters, Remote Starters - Contact Us

Any help or special insight from you experienced folks would be greatly appreciated!

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Please remove me from this list. I DO NOT want my phone number here and was never asked about it.

Total Performance and service.
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