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WOHVA Update July ‘13
Every month WOHVA provides our members and other motorized trail recreation advocates with this short synopsis of WOHVA’s efforts to proactively assure that environmentally responsible OHV recreational opportunities are expanded here the Badger State.
CEO of WOHVA, Dan Bergin was interviewed by NewsWatch 12 in Rhinelander for a report on Forest County’s Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park. Bergin also volunteers as WORVPI’s Vice President.
WOHVA participated in the regularly scheduled Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI) Monthly Directors Meeting in Crandon, Wisconsin. Meeting agenda and other important updates can be found on the WORVPI Web Site.
Warn Industries, the BlueRibbon Coalition and WOHVA conducted several meetings regarding a joint public image campaign that the three have joined forces on. This project is aimed at producing a video demonstrating safe winching techniques while reminding all that 4WD motorized recreation is an environmentally responsible, family recreation option enjoyed by millions across the country.
The WOHVA Board of Directors held their regular bi-monthly meeting in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin. WOHVA Individual Members can review the agenda, minutes, financial reports and other documents pertaining to all Board Meetings in the WOHVA Updates Forum located in the Forums Section of the WOHVA website.
Two Mole Lake Trail Days were hosted by WOHVA last month. Trail Days center on trail maintenance and development, but there is always some trail riding involved. If you’re interested in joining us in Mole Lake and becoming a WOHVA trail volunteer, visit our forums for information on getting involved. A complete listing of all WOHVA’s scheduled events for 2013 (including Mole Lake Trail Days) is available on our web site.
WOHVA Volunteers again assisted the Kettle Moraine Sport Riders when the hosted their Annual Father’s Day Hill Climb in West Bend, Wisconsin.
WOHVA Volunteers staffed the “Ticket Booth on the Hill” for the Spring Brush Run Off-Road Races at the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway.
Working with the BlueRibbon Coalition, Amberg Consulting Inc, WAOW Newsline 9 in Wausau and Mole Lake Tribal Forestry…WOHVA volunteers presented a demonstration on safe and responsible 4WD trail riding and vehicle recoverery techniques. Watch for the report which will be aired on WAOW on Tuesday, July 2nd and will then be available on YouTube.

*** WOHVA Special Action Update ***
WOHVA was in contact with our allies at the Wisconsin State Capitol last week. It appears that our 4WD Sticker Program Legislation will be heading out right after the 4th of July. That means there will probably be a Dear Colleague Letter circulated the week of July 15th.

The Dear Colleague Letter is the first step in passage of legislation (after the actual drafting of course). The Dear Colleague Letter asks legislative colleagues to co-sponsor the proposed legislation. It includes a short synopsis of the legislation as will as the actual legislation.

It is vitally important that all 4WD enthusiasts contact their State Senator and Assembly Representative as soon as the Dear Colleague Letter is circulated!

WOHVA will keep you informed and let you know exactly when to move to action on this extremely important issue. Please visit the Forums regularly to remain up-to-date on this and other issues which impact your ability to enjoy your trails.

“Remember, join and advocate (that’s) the two most important things that you can do!” - Del Albright (April ’09, WOHVA’s 5th Annual Wisconsin OHV Enthusiast Workshops)

WOHVA’s Monthly Updates are provided as a service to our members and present an abbreviated recap of the activities over the previous month. WOHVA encourages all OHV enthusiasts to become better informed and stronger access advocates by obtaining additional information on these topics. WOHVA encourages motorized recreation enthusiasts to visit our web site (WOHVA | Wisconsin off-Highway Vehicle Association) for expanded information on the issues high-lighted in this Update. Additional information can be found in the “WOHVA Projects Section” and in the Forums.
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