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Wonderful Jeeper Wife

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I am installing a new timing chain in my '87 4.2. I cleaned the timing cover in a pan of solvent, but I want it clean enough to paint prior to reinstalling it.
I brought it into the house to wash in the kitchen sink and my wife was putting dishes away from the dishwasher.
She said "What's that"? I told her and proceeded to scrub the cover with warm water and dish soap and a scotch brite.
While I was scrubbing away, we talked about plans for the garden and if it would snow this weekend.
No squawks about a dirty sink or greasy car parts in the house. No complaints whatsoever. She even chuckled and reminded me of when I cleaned her motorcycle wheels in the bath tub.
How's that for a Jeeper wife. I love her!

Thats why I am Lucky Mac
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You are lucky Mac lol. You had the magic word in there "dishwasher" mine won't bitch either but if she was doing dishes in the sink instead of a dishwasher I wouldn't even attempt doing something like that if I ever expected to get any um... Ya know.
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