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88 2.5L Manual

I recently disconnected the vacuum hoses to clean out the PCV line that was completely blocked. Apparently, I missed the connection between the MAP and the vacuum line that comes from the throttle body. Jeep ran fine before I cleaned the PCV but probably wasn't going to pass emissions.

Started running rich immediately after I started it so when I got home I parked it. I disconnected the battery to reset the ECM thinking that it was still reading that the PCV line was clogged or vacuum pressure hadn't changed and that's why it was dumping fuel into the throttle body.

When I reconnected the battery, the engine would turn over but not crank up. And that's when I found the disconnected hose from the MAP. I reconnected it but the engine still won't crank.

Tried jumping it off but that didn't work. Fuel pump is working. It sounds like it's trying but it's either flooding or lean.

Any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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