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working on my 3rd wrangler, which to buy?

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Hi all,

I am poised to buy my 3rd wrangler

1. was a 2003 sahra tj-loved it but had to sell for the $$
2. was a 1994 jk- was a little too rickety for me, just sold

Now im looking to purchase #3. Here are my choices.

3a. 1997 Sport TJ- A/C, radio no lift-6 cyl $9800- out the door-135,000miles (dealer)

3b. 1997 Sport T/J NO A/C, radio-lifted-huge tires- 4cyl- $7500otd- 147,000miles (dealer)

3c. 1997 Sport TJ A/C- no radio-no lift- 4cyl- 121,000miles $7000 (private seller)

so im not really into lifts but maybe it would grow on me. of course I would like to pay the lower price but 3a is really growing on me just not sure its worth the price...... help, which is the better buy?? and why?? thx!!