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I have zero mechanical skills. I shamefully admit that. I own a 2014 JKUR and I love it. I took it to Windrock a couple months ago and had a great time. My wife spent the entire day terrified I was going to damage a 40k rig.

A friend just told me he knew where I could get a Jeep at a good price. He knows I have mine. I asked why he thought I needed two and he said so I wouldn't tear up the new one. I could could drive an older one for less than I could put mods on my new one for off road use.

He took me for a drive to a little old man's farm who had multiple barns and enclosed in the back of one was a 1979 CJ7. The old man said it was a project vehicle he had traded on a few years ago that he lost money on. He traded a 57 Chevy that was rough but worth about 5k for a project Jeep that someone had started but lost interest in.

It has had a complete fiberglass body put on it. 100% of the original metal body is gone. It comes with both a soft top and a fiberglass hard top with full fiberglass doors with sliding windows.

It has new leather seats (f&R) and the original 304 drivetrain. It has 33 mudder tires all around mounted on some type of mag wheels, 4 only.

It looked horrible as it was sanded down and primered. My buddy asked why he was painting it as it had been painted white. The old man said he wanted to change the color and was just going to use it around the farm if he didn't sell it. He had been spending evenings sanding it himself.

He assured me that all of the parts were there but they would have to be put back together. My buddy says he knows a boy that will put it back together and paint it for 750 or less, if I pay for the paint and supplies. That would include finishing sanding it...paint, clear coat and assembly of hood latches, lights, markers, etc. He swears he can have it on the road back to my house for less than 1000 plus 2500-3000 to purchase it...the owner asked 3k for my friend told me the man had already told him he would take 2500.

I looked at Morris and the fiberglass body tubs, tops, doors, front fenders, radiator and hood would be nearly 4000 plus shipping....there are 500-800 dollars worth of tires or more sitting on it. The owner swears it runs fine and all gauges work except gas which he says needs a ground wire at the rear on the tank. He just hasn't done it yet. He swears it will work once the wire is installed.

I think I would need a suspension lift immediately as the fender flares sit maybe 1.5-2 inches above tires.

I am thinking for less than 5k I could have a freshly painted fiberglass cj7 to play in and save the new JKUR for daily driver presently and fun rig later in life.

I know this was a long post but if you could counsel me I would appreciate it. Deal or no deal.......jump at it or run away???

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You wouldn't be the first person that was lured by the siren song of "complete, just needs assembly" project vehicle.

It's gonna cost you money... likely more than whatever you budget, unless every component is new and purchased by the assembler - some parts will be ruined by rust or disuse, some may not be there (less than 100% complete), some may not be ideal and need to be replaced with something more suitable, some may break during installation, etc.

If you really feel compelled to do it, then go ahead, but I advise you to not do it if the sole reason is an "inexpensive project jeep" when you're done - that just doesn't happen very often. If you really don't have much mechanical acumen, you'll have no ideal how well "the dude" can assemble your entire jeep for the low, low price of $750 (including paint).

Just sayin'
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