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wouldn't start yesterday...

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Went to warm up my 98 tj before work yesterday morning, 6 am and -10 out and the starter just clicks... the radio and fan turned on, so battery was obviously not the culprit, so I got a hammer and a 2x4 and gave the starter a good whack. Still just a click...So I drove my wife's car (not complaining, heated seats in-10 degree weather was a nice change)

When I got home I crawled under to check it out, still just clicks when I turned the ignition, I left the key on and with it in park put a screwdriver across the terminals, and the solenoid clicks but that's it...

So I pulled off the starter and I'm wondering if I should take the time to rebuild it and save some money or if I should just get anew one? Also what are some good sources for parts?

Thanks, Graham
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I bought a used Mopar starter on Ebay when mine bit the dust...cost me like $30 shipped. Yeah, it's used so it's a crapshoot how long it'll last...but I figure at $30, if it breaks in the near future, I can buy 4-5 more before it costs me more than a brand new one. And chances are decent it'll last me years as well.

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My money is on the battery.. Lights, radio, and other small power functions don't uses nearly the same amount of power that the starter does therefore the battery has enough juice for those items but not enough to actually turn the starter... Just my guess though I would start with a battery charger..
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