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wrangler grill conversion; YJ's square lights to round lights

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Well here is a light conversion my buddy and I just got done doing on his jeep. It is a 1987 wrangler that has been modified for the better through the years. We grafted a cj grill and a yj grill together to make a bolt in grill. There are no changes that need to be made to the fenders of hood to make this work. This grill is different from the omx-ida grill in that the headlight buckets protrude into the grill slats like a cj does and also has round turn signals. Let me know what you think. If there is enough interest we are toying with the idea of making some. Thanks for looking

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Any pictures?

Any pictures would be appreciated. Sounds like what I want to do.
There are pics on page 1 of this thread.
you have any to sell? if not could i just replace the hood and grill from a cj (with fab)? I have steel fenders shaped like a cj, so I just need the hood and grill unless your up to selling a grill.


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Nice job. Instead of using CJ/YJ grilles...I wonder about having sheet metal stamped into the headlight receptacle shape, then welded in? It seems like it would be fairly simple to remove grille, cut out the square holes and weld in the round ones. I had been thinking of doing the TJ grille swap and keep the YJ fenders, but your idea sure would be simpler to do.
My boss owns a tool and die company and after I did the third one I took one to him and we talked about the idea of the stamping. The cost estimate for the tool and die was outrageous. The other thing is the copy right thing. The way they are being done now it's a customization thing. The stamping could get nasty with the copy right owner. That is a bear I don't want to poke.

I am working on number 13 now.

Thanks for all the compliments and gripes for those being true to their squares.

Keep Jeepin, that's what matters.
I cant wait to get mine done Love the look !!!!!! great work Chad
mine is not close to being done. just been piecing it together


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Here is a shot of the last one I did. The end user asked me to post the pic.

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I like it a lot. If you are still building these, how best can I contact you about buying one?

Thanx in advance,

He posted his email on the first page. I'm interested as well
Nice job! :thumb:
Sweet fab work but it just looks bug eyed. Its hip to be square. Dont forget your roots
Good job on the each his own.
What size tires are the bf goodrich at's on your buddies jeep? Width is really what I would like to know. I really like the stance
very cool idea - even better if you could put HIDs or LEDs in it !!!!
Personally I cant comprehend putting that kind of money in to something that adds no value or performance improvement to a vehicle... BUT, for what that is worth it looks like you did a great job!!!
Round light grill conversion

I would definetly ordr one of this grills if you can make it.. I am an owner of a YJ 1995 Wrangler and would love to convert it to a round headlits and turn signal type of grill... for many reasons other than just the looks.. So.. please confirm you can make it and how much and we can talk busines. thank you.,..... nice job
I would order one what kind oof price and turn around time to have one built
I tried the email in an old post and got a failure, I was trying to find out the cost for your conversion. Thanks
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