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Brand new still in the box unopened, Rugged Ridge Neoprene Seat Cover.

Rugged Ridge Part Number 13264.01

I have this same seat cover on my 2014 Jeep JK Unlimited. It's a little tough to install due to the tight fit and I would recommend having someone sew over the seams to make sure they don't split while your putting them on (My wife did it for me), mine split the seam threads the first time I tried to install. Once on they fit like a glove and they definitely protect you seats. I already had a Boy Scout (I am a Scoutmaster) get Gum on MY seat cover (not this one it's still sealed in the box). A little GOO B GONE Spray fixed it right up! Rear Seat Cover Only

Why do I have these you ask? Well I sent an email to Rugged Ridge regarding the seams splitting on the original set that my wife sewed and about two weeks later these just showed up at my door?? No other communication.........Now that's Customer Service!

I am asking $100 plus shipping and payment through Paypal

I will ship in the exact same box that Rugged Ridge shipped them to me in which weighs in at about 8.5 Lbs and measures 7" x 7" by 24"

I have checked the shipping cost on the USPS website and shipping to the east coast (FL) would be about $30 Priority mail and about $23 regular mail.

UPS is about $22.50 also to FL.

If you are closer then the shipping SHOULD be less but I can't guarantee that until I have an address to plug into the shipping websites

Sorry for the long post, but after reading the instructions I wanted to include all information they suggested!


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